Safe Scouting

Scouting is a special place. The rules are the ones we know well: the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. We create a safe haven in Scouting, a place where everyone should feel physically and emotionally secure. We do this in several ways:
  • We set the example for ourselves and others by behaving as Scouts should. We live by the Scout Oath and Law each moment of each day, to the best of our abilities.
  • We refuse to tolerate any kind of inappropriate put-down, name-calling or physical aggression.
  • We communicate our acceptance of each participant and each other through expressions of concern for them and by showing our appreciation whenever possible.
  • We create an environment based on learning and fun. We seek the best from each participant, and we do our best to help him achieve it.
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Troop 412 Safe Haven Policies

National Policies
The Boy Scouts of America Official Guide to Safe Scouting (see links page)
Hazing Policy
  1. Hazing, Bullying and/or intimidation conducted by any Scout or Adult leader is strictly forbidden.
  2. Sexual, profane or discriminatory remarks and harassment of Scouts or Scouters will not be tolerated.
The following disciplinary action will result:
  • First Offense: Address Scout
  • Second Offense: Scoutmaster/Parent Conference
  • Third Offense: Suspension/Dismissal from Troop at discretion of Troop Committee
The possession of any type of sexually explicit material by Troop members during any Troop meeting, activity, function, or outing is prohibited. Any materials found may be confiscated and not returned. Any violation of this policy is subject to Scoutmaster/Parent conference. (BSA National Policy)

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Scout Responsibilities

Scouts are responsible for taking notes during troop meetings. Each scout should bring a pen and notebook. Reminders are sent via email; however, it is the Scouts responsibility to make sure information about activities gets back home.

Each Scout is personally responsible for requesting a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review prior to completion of advancement of each rank.

Each Scout is personally responsible for turning in his Merit Badge cards in a timely manner upon completion of the Merit Badge. The Scout is also responsible for keeping all records of achievement. It is highly recommend the scout utilize a notebook with baseball / trading card holders to organize.
Adult Leadership
A minimum of two (2), registered adult leaders (Two Deep Leadership) is required for any Scout meeting and/or activity.
In order to participate in troop activities, functions, and outings all active members must meet the following:
  • Must be in good standing with the troop, i.e. registered, met fundraising or other financial obligations, have attended recent previous troop meetings (unless excused by Scoutmaster).
  • Must have dues paid up to date the troop meeting preceding the outing (unless other arrangements have been made).
Troop 412 supports the BSA Uniform Guidelines in it entirety and as such all scouts and leaders are required to wear proper and complete uniforms, (according to National Policy) at the following:
  • Troop meetings
  • Troop activities, functions, outings
  • Any other functions designated.
The Field Uniform (commonly referred to as the Class A uniform) should be worn for all functions unless otherwise noted. When unclear, based on the activity, it is recommended a scout bring or wear their Activity Uniform (commonly referred to as the Class B uniform) under their Field Uniform.

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Troop Policies

All official BSA GUIDELINES will be followed by Troop 412. A current copy of the BSA GUIDE TO SAFE SCOUTING can be found on our links page. These guidelines include, but are not limited to the following:

Troop 412 is a Scout led troop, which means the Scouts plan, organize and implement all activities with the assistance, mentoring and coaching of Trained Adult Leadership.
Patrol Method
Scouts are organized into groups typically of 8 Scouts who work together, cook together, sleep together and assist each other as a unit. The patrol consists of an elected Patrol leader, and an appointed Assistant. The Patrol Leader is responsible for participation and discipline of his patrol. The Patrol Leader and Assistant MUST attend Troop Leadership Training (TLT) in order to hold this leadership position. Monthly Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) meetings are held to assist leaders. Troop equipment used by the patrol is to be maintained. Any damage resulting due to negligence or misbehavior is the patrol's responsibility.
Buddy System
The BUDDY SYSTEM will be used by all Scouts on all Scout activities. A scout never leaves the camp area without first having a buddy and second making his patrol leader aware of his destination and expected return.

Any Troop member who is going to be absent from Troop meetings for a prolonged period is required to notify the Scoutmaster and his Patrol Leader.

Personal entertainment or other personal equipment not related to the Boy Scout program should not be brought to ANY Scout meeting or activity. (Including but not limited to: radios, video games, sporting equipment, CD players).
Fireworks, Firearms, Aerosal cans and any Explosive Devices are Prohibited
The use of any type of tobacco, alcohol, or narcotic is forbidden by BSA National Policy and is contradictory to the fundamentals of the Boy Scout movement, and thus any violation of this policy may be subject to Scoutmaster/Parent conference or dismissal from the Troop.

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Knife Policy

No Scout is permitted to bring a knife to a weekly Scout meeting unless instructed by a Scoutmaster or other Troop leader.

Scouts must earn and carry BSA TOT'N CHIP with them if they carry or use a scout knife, hatchet, saw, or axe at any Scouting activity.

No sheath knives or blades longer than 3 inches are allowed.

If a scout breaks this rule, mishandles any of these items or handles them in a threatening posture/manner, the following disciplinary actions will result:

First Offense: BSA TOT'N CHIP Revoked for 3 Months (must be re-earned), item will be confiscated, Scoutmaster/Parent conference, Scout will give report/presentation to troop on Knife Safety at the next meeting

Second Offense: Suspension/Dismissal from Troop at discretion of Troop Committee

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