Troop 412
Climbing New Heights
Troop 412 Fountain Valley

Welcome to Troop 412!

We belong to the Pacifica District of the Orange County Council and meet at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Fountain Valley, CA, on Monday nights from 7-8:30 pm. Although we are chartered by a Catholic Church, we have members from many different faiths, and we welcome all scouts. Troop 412 Fountain Valley Huntington Beach July 4th

Our troop is busy with many fun and engaging activities; including camping, hiking, community service and service to our charter organization. Our program is focused on providing the boys the opportunity to attain the rank of first class while showing them the path to Eagle. Our program allows the boys to learn life-long principles while at the same time, having fun.

The troop currently consists of about 70 active members, and since 1976, 98 troop members have attained the coveted rank of Eagle Scout

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